"Volleyball Beliefs"

We Believe...

That offense wins games,but defense wins championships.

That every ball is playable until proven otherwise or a maximum effort fails.

That pain is weakness leaving your body.

That we must respect all opponents, but fear none.

That all players must put team success ahead of individual success.

That the spirit and moral of the reserves will influence those who are playing.

That determination and preparation win the close ones.

That the only way for a player to improve is to work on their weak points.

That the word "can't" is in the dictionary, but not in the gym.

That every player and coach makes a definite contribution to team success.

That the referees are not always correct, but still need our respect.

That the coaching is to be left to the coaches.

That confidence, hustle, desire and practice makes a good volleyball player.

That we are not only developing volleyball players, but excellent young ladies as well.

That each player should feel pride in the uniform that they are wearing, as few have the opportunity and privilege to do so.

That parents should be good role models off the court.

That our individual goals should be to become the best volleyball player we are capable of becoming and that our team goals should be to become the best team that we are capable of being.

"Life Doesn't Require That We Be The Best, Only That We Try Our Best"

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