"Sequoia Crush Volleyball Club" 


"Philosophy Of Volleyball"- To emphasize a fun and positive experience of playing  the sport of competitive team volleyball and to strive for the perfection of the biomechanics of the technical skill development.  We believe that there are no limitations for any age group of volleyball players and with the desire to learn and work hard all things can be possible.  We as coaches must be good role models and set good standards for our players to achieve.  We are high impact motivators, who strive to bring out the best in each individual through faith, confidence, determination, will, grit and sweat. We believe the sport of volleyball is to be played with lots of intensity, extreme desire and a true love for the game.  Our objective is to make the sport of volleyball a fun learning experience that will lasts a lifetime.  Volleyball is a team unity sport and as coaches we will strive to teach our players, not only to have confidence in themselves, but to believe and trust in each other.



1. Have Fun and always play as a team.

2. Show good sportsmanship by having respect for all coaches, referees, fans, opponents and other 

3. Encourage Team play with a positive attitude.

4. Prepare mentally and physically for all practices and competitions by being willing to listen, learn and develop new volleyball skills.

5. Strive to give 100% during practices and competitions.

6. Trust in coaches and our volleyball program.

7. Set a higher standard for yourself by continuing to set small individual goals that are realistic and that can be accomplished during the season.

8. Never lose faith, never give up and never doubt yourself or your teammates abilities.

9. Represent yourself and our volleyball program with lots of pride and a true fighting spirit.

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