Thank You so much for working so hard this week! These are the results of our Vball Tryouts! All of you showed such promise in your excellent attitudes, work ethics and promising athletic ability!

I wish we could keep all of you, but unfortunately we can't! Any players that are not on the Tryout Results Lists...I am sorry to say you did not make our Sequoia Crush Volleyball Program! We apologize for any heartache that this may cause and hope that you will continue with your Volleyball Adventures!

We do offer a Technical Training Program (3rd-8th grade) Beginner-Intermediate Level Players and Advanced Training (8th-12th) Intermediate-Advanced Level Players for those players wanting to take their Game to the Ultimate Level! Sign-ups are limited and on a 1st come basis! Please call (559) 300-2987 if interested to save your spot! 

Take Care and God Bless, Coach Silva

All Paperwork and Commitment Fees are due...

Practice Schedule: To Be Announced!  
12's Navy and 14's-Yellow
(6:00pm-7:30pm) Tuesdays and Thursdays

14's-Orange and 14's-White
(7:30pm-9:00pm) Tuesdays and Thursdays

14's Navy, 16's Black and 16's Orange
(6:00pm-7:30pm) Mondays and Wednesdays

18's Navy. 16's Navy and 16's White
(7:30pm-9:00pm) Mondays and Wednesdays

*Teams will consist of 10-12 Players per Team
12's (Navy)-League Team -  

14's (Navy)-League Team -

14's (Orange)-League Team -

14's (White)-League Team-

14's (Yellow)-League Team-

16 's (Navy)-Travel Team -
16's (Orange)-League Team -  

16's-(White) League Team-

16's (Black)-Travel Team - 

18's (Navy)-Travel Team - 

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